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South Asian Representation in Fashion

Jay Miah

The lack of diverse models (especially south Asian), was something that really affected me and people I knew. We couldn't relate to models that didn't look like us. It was deemed bad for business to have any other ethnicity to model clothing apart from Caucasian. Some brands still follow this mantra. But that is not what we follow. We are set out to change that.

De La Creme Fashions Sponsors Balinga FC

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As mentioned before, we have strived to be known as not only a fashion brand, but a movement for change. Another step forward towards change was by our next sponsorship. We at De La Creme were proud and honoured to sponsor a Bangladeshi Village Team for their football kit, to represent in their Bangladesh Village Cup. 

Fashion Brand Of The Year: We've Been Nominated!

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It is with great pride that we would like to let all our lovely customers and supporters know that we have been nominated for a prestigious award! We'd like to add that since our brand's inception, this will be the first time that we have ever been nominated for any kind of reward for that matter! So we are still taking it in, as the feeling is sublime!

Exclusive Partnership With Faire For Wholesale!

Jay Miah

With our exclusive partnership with faire, we have launched our own brand wholesale shop and now retailers/brands can shop our products and stock them in their online stores or physical stores!