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        Our Autumn Winter 2021 Collection is now live

        Autumn Winter 2021 Outerwear Collection | De La Creme Fashions
        We'd like to announce that our AW21 outerwear collection for women is officially live! We have many new classics available for your wardrobes to be filled in! We hope you like our range of duster coats, hip length, check design and many more available. Some are limited editions, so hurry while stocks last!

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        De La Creme Fashions Livestream Shopping Event

        De La Creme Fashions Livestream Shopping Event

        You're already familiar with teleshopping. Now it's time to get familiar with livestream shopping. Livestream shopping is set to be the new way of shopping online. An interactive approach to viewing products from companies and purchasing live from the comfort of your homes via smartphones. It is already popular in countries like the Philippines. It is set to gain headway in the UK, courtesy of SFN.  
        Social Media Companies such as Tiktok, Instagram and Youtube have changed the algorithm dynamic for what content viewers would like to see. Instagram introduced reels, while youtube introduced shorts to rival TikTok. With the rise of video-preferred content, not only by consumers but by social media companies pushing for it, it's only right that livestream shopping be more common in todays digital generation.

        SFN (The Secret Fashion Network) 

        The Secret Fashion Network, otherwise known as SFN for short, are experimenting with livestream shopping. They have dedicated websites and a livestream site for customers to purchase fashion items. With their first ever livestream shopping event going better than expected for them via Facebook Live, they were excited for their second outing live. We heard of their company and what they were trying to do via livestream shopping and jumped at the opportunity.

        De La Creme Fashions x SFN

        Our first ever livestream shopping event will be SFN's second event. We are excited to be part of this great opportunity to showcase our latest and greatest products to our lovely customers. Our viewers will get a special discount code to purchase from the livestream event for a discounted price. 

        The event will take place on the 15th September at 7:30pm via SFN facebook live. The link for this livestream is here

        We hope to see you all there and experience a shopping event like never before. With special prizes and exclusive discount codes to be given for future use, you wouldn't want to miss it! We'll see you there!

        Check out the promo video below

        South Asian Representation in Fashion

        South Asian Girl In Black Blazer | De La Creme Fashions
        The lack of diverse models (especially south Asian), was something that really affected me and people I knew. We couldn't relate to models that didn't look like us. It was deemed bad for business to have any other ethnicity to model clothing apart from Caucasian. Some brands still follow this mantra. But that is not what we follow. We are set out to change that.

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        De La Creme Fashions Sponsors Balinga FC

        De La Creme Fashions Sponsors Balinga FC
        As mentioned before, we have strived to be known as not only a fashion brand, but a movement for change. Another step forward towards change was by our next sponsorship. We at De La Creme were proud and honoured to sponsor a Bangladeshi Village Team for their football kit, to represent in their Bangladesh Village Cup. 

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