Our Autumn Winter 2021 Collection is now live

For over 13 years De La Creme Fashions has been successfully trading online on various marketplaces as well as our own direct website! As every year went, we introduced our consumers to our 2 different seasonal ranges. Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. This year we have had great success with our SS21 range, but nothing beats our AW range!

Outerwear is our forte. We are renown for our quality coats for the winter season. It's no reason we have been nominated as the fashion brand of the year by Hinton Magazine, as well as rated excellent on trustpilot

We'd like to announce that our AW21 outerwear collection for women is officially live! We have many new classics available for your wardrobes to be filled in! We hope you like our range of duster coats, hip length, check design and many more available. Some are limited editions, so hurry while stocks last!

To check out our latest AW21 collection, click here

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