De La Creme Fashions joins the fight against climate change

We care for our environment, as much as we care for all your parcels reaching you safely and our customers being satisfied. We already try our best to help being eco-friendly by recycling our return parcel packaging and papers printed. However, by installing the planet app newly available from shopify, we have gone that one step closer.

In an effort for us to want to make our shipments carbon-neutral, we have subscribed to the Planet app. With the Planet app, we can do the following:

  • Make our shipments carbon-neutral by funding innovative companies that pull carbon dioxide (CO2) out of the atmosphere and store it.

A detailed video about the Planet app by shopify is available below:

With Planet, every time we ship an order, we will support some of the most promising climate solutions on Earth. Each project has been vetted by the Shopify Sustainability Fund, which has committed more than $30 million to these same projects.

Thank you to each and every one of you lovely people worldwide who choose to shop with us and together help us make the world more greener and cleaner!

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